The events of the past year have made one thing clear — it’s almost impossible to know what’s coming next. But whether it’s economic uncertainty or a geopolitical event that rocks the markets, there are steps an investor can take to be prepared for shocks and surprises. Here are a few ways to stay on track despite unforeseen turbulence.

1)  Control what you can control.

Keep your financial profile healthy.  Stay atop your credit store and balance your debt to income ratios.  Being in position to make moves when opportunities present themselves can result in thousands of dollars of savings.

2)  The Only Constant is change, but relax!

History offers hope.  Dramatic changes, such as elections and rising interest rates can cause much confusion and worry for Investors, however, the Atlanta Housing market has proven time and time again it is resilient and can withstand tests in the face of challenges.

3)  Diversify.

Today’s market requires a global perspective.